Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gettin' Started

So I am finally starting a blog. Of course it will be mostly about our two daughters, Madison and Laci. I love keeping up on Mindy's blog about her family and now Jeremy has a blog for baby Camden. It gives me a way to keep up when we don't talk as often as I would like.

I will also try to update you on the progress of our family addition. If you didn't know, I am expecting again. My due date is Oct. 2nd. Madison wants a baby brother and Laci wants a baby sister. One is sure to be disappointed. I had asked Terry if he wanted to find out what this child is when I have an ultrasound since he keeps saying it will be our last child. He admitted that he would rather wait until the baby arrives. I am glad because I like the surprise as well. As long as the baby is healthy, it will be a blessing either way! I am still holding out hope that he will let me have a fourth child as well, but we will have to see what this next child brings. Laci can be very challenging to deal with at times, so hopefully the next child will be a little easier.

This picture is from last weekend. On Friday, Terry and I took the day off. The four of us went with my sister, Cathy, her husband, Doug, and her baby girl, Kendall to Dubuque. We stayed at the hotel and indoor waterpark resort and the girls had a blast. Needless to say, I was exhausted when we got home Saturday afternoon.