Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not into Blogging Lately

So many of you may wonder where I have been. I am really not into blogging lately. I truely love Facebook and I have a new iPod touch also. That means I don't actually make it down to the computer much anymore.

So what is new in the Even household? Many things are happening.

Lily, our bulldog, is well over 40 lbs now. She has had eye surgery on both eyes for cherry eye. Basically, dogs have a third eyelid and hers pops out (common in bulldogs). They tack it in place. The first eye surgery was in February and the second was just done Monday this week. The one that was just done looks awful, but the other one looks great, so I know the healing will happen. She is full of energy yet and it is great that it is nicer out, so she can go for walks and play outside with the girls.

The girls are great also. Madison is reading a lot more on her own. Amazing to me, where did my baby go? She is also playing soccer now. She just had her second game yesterday. They don't keep score and she has a great time playing. Finally, she is busy with Girl Scouts every other week.

Laci just turned 5 at the end of March. I will have to post some pictures later. She had a great birthday and now can't wait to go to kindergarten. Monday I went with her preschool to the UNI Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center to see "The Little Engine that Could". It was fun. She knows her letters and numbers and is able to tell me what most words start with. She is a bright and funny girl.

Olivia is now 18 months old. She is a tall girl. I was worried about her shortly after she turned one because she wasn't saying very many words. Not even "Ma" or "Da" once in awhile. My mom kept telling me that she had two sisters to talk for her, so that is why she wasn't saying much. Now she repeats most words that you say to her. Last night my sister and her family came up to watch Madi play soccer and after they left, Olivia said "Auntie". I will have to tape it because Olivia doesn't say as much when others are around and wanting her to say things.

Mornings are still busy for me, getting everyone to the right place. Terry is still working third, but hopefully that will change at some point. They are also working a lot of overtime. Hard for him, but we love the extra money. Finally, our house is on the market. We love living in Denver and our neighborhood, but really would like a little bigger space. We have been actively looking, but haven't found the right place yet. Hope to soon. Also, not many houses are available in Denver right now, so that could be good news for us trying to sell ours. I just hope we can find something then also!!