Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So this was a Memorial Day Weekend that many in the state of Iowa won't soon forget. Parkersburg, which is west of Cedar Falls, got hit really hard by a tornado. A lot of their town is destroyed! The tornado continued on to the east and destroyed many farms and houses on the way past Dunkerton. Many of these houses are north of Dunkerton, so the town didn't get as much damage, but several of these schools didn't have school today. Several people also died and I just can't even imagine what the families are dealing with.

We, in Denver, faired much better. We weren't home Sunday evening when the storms were raging, but I guess there was golf ball size hail coming down. I have seen several bits of insulation and shingles in our yard, but our home is intact and no real damage. I wish I could say that for the others who weren't as fortunate!

It is very sad, but also humbling to see this. So many people are reaching out to help and it is great to see, but in turn, you wish there wasn't a reason for them to be having to reach out! Sometimes, you think that these are just material things as long as your family is okay, but it would also be hard to pick up the pieces and move on.

Many of my students today had a lot to share and comment about the weekend. I am sure they will continue talking about it for the rest of the week since it has affected so many people that are so close to them. Well, I am keeping these people in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping that they can pick up the pieces and move on knowing that God has a plan for us all!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ultrasound Today!

So today I finally had my first ultrasound (20 weeks). I was supposed to have my ultrasound on Tuesday, but the doctor's office called and had to reschedule it. I was a little disappointed, but glad I didn't have to wait too long to get in. So I went today at 3:00 p.m. and the baby is doing very well. It is currently measuring at 1 pound at this point and although my due date is Oct. 2, it measured me at being due on Sept. 26. Terry and the girls were there also. Laci kept asking if the baby was coming out today! Too cute. We were debating about finding out what we were having and today I told the ultrasound technician that I didn't want to know so it will be a surprise when the baby gets here. All is well so far and as long as the baby is healthy, that is all that matters. I did e-mail my brother earlier this week to let him know my ultrasound got rescheduled and he responded to ask if I could give the ultrasound technician permission to call him with the gender. He is really hoping for a nephew. Maybe he should get married and have a son??????

Graduation Day!

So once again it has been awhile since I have posted something. We have been extremely busy the last two weeks almost every night. Last night was no exception because Madison graduated from preschool. She looked so grown up and Mom was a little emotional (imagine that with me being so emotional anyway and also being pregnant). Mrs. Larson is one of Madison's teachers and she decided that she is retiring after this year, so she got emotional too which didn't help me at all. =0) I was very sad when I first heard because she is so good with the kids and now Laci (or our baby) won't have her for a teacher! Madison's other teacher, Mrs. Beck, is very good also and she will be there again next year, so Laci will have her. They also have the other teacher hired and although I don't know her very well, I have heard great things. I wanted to share a couple picture of Madison and her graduation also! The first picture they had done at school one day and the second picture is from the ceremony last night as she walked in. (She is between the lady and man towards the right side of the picture!)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Farm Day Fieldtrip

So today I accompanied Madison and almost 30 preschoolers, with their teachers and other adults, to a local farm. It was a fun day for all. They learned about farm safety, planted a flower to bring home, pet baby animals (ducks, pigs, cows, sheep), took a hayride, stepped in cow manure (which wasn't supposed to be part of the fun), made bracelets, let balloons go, ate ice cream sundaes, and played, played, played. Madison's cheeks were a little red after the beautiful, sunny day (Mom forgot the sunscreen). Oops!

Preschool parents helped provide items for our lunch and we donated $2.00 from each preschooler to the people whose farm we visited. It was amazing how they opened their house to us. I don't know if I could have been so generous because the preschoolers weren't the only kids there today. The kindergarteners, teachers, and parents were there also. So anytime anyone needed to use the bathroom, inside their house we all went. Same for when we needed to wash hands. The family provided all of the items for the plants, crafts, and balloon launch. WOW!!!

Well, needless to say, Madison and Mom are pooped from a long day. I also drove Madison and three other kids, so I felt ambitious enough to clean out the van when I got home. Those kids were dirty and I didn't want the smell to linger! Enjoy the pictures!

Spring Program - Singing!!

So I know I haven't posted in awhile. With the end of the school year fast approaching, it has been ever busy. Madison had her Spring Program for preschool on Sunday, April 27. They sang several songs and it was very cute! Here are some pictures! Laci had to stand by Madison before the program for a picture too.