Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School and Ground Breaking

The first day of school was this Monday, August 29th. 3rd Grade!

1st Grade!

Getting ready to go off to school together! We are currently living in a rental home and the front porch got a lot of sunlight, so not the greatest pictures, but ones to remember anyway!!

Olivia always gets in the pictures too. She will have to wait one more year to start preschool.

1120 Donna - our "to-be" address.

GROUND BREAKING occurred today!!!

The way our lot sits and slopes, it really isn't a hole in the ground for the basement. It is more of a cut into the slope. Just glad the digging is done and hopefully the basement will get poured tomorrow!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer is Almost Over

So this summer has flown by, just like every other summer has. We started out the summer by getting moved and then Terry and I went to Mexico for a week. After returning from vacation, at the end of June, Madison and Laci had two weeks of swimming lessons. I was gone for work for a few days the beginning of July. Terry had foot surgery on July 15 - 4th foot surgery (5th procedure - the guy has bad feet). The end of July brought Vacation Bible School at our church and then the beginning of August the girls went to Vacation Bible School at our babysitter's church. I am glad to say that a routine will soon follow, but sad to see the summer end. I kept myself busy this summer by working on an on-line class, working on Olivia's cross-stitch birth announcement (it won't be done by the time she is three, I hate to admit), and doing lots and lots of reading.
Here are some pictures from the end of July to now: Laci and Olivia at swimming lessons. I scheduled them as soon as the schedule came in the mail so that Madison and Laci could get in the classes and be at the same time. Unfortunately, they called at the last minute and I had to move Laci to a different time because not enough kids had signed up for the session I wanted her to be in. Thus, Olivia had to sit through two sessions and I was ready to leave when they were done and get Olivia home for lunch and a nap.

The girls are constantly wanting to go get pedicures since I get them once in awhile. I didn't let them get full pedicures, but we went to the nail place one day and they got their toenails painted. Madison had green polish with black zebra stripes on all toes.

Laci had bluish-green polish with white polka dots on all toes.

Miss Olivia had neon green polish with flowers on just her big toes.

On August 3rd, I got a new niece. My brother Mark and his wife Cyndi had their first child, Chloe Jane. It is so awesome that she was born on August 3rd as this was my mom and dad's wedding anniversary. Dad was looking down on all of us that day!! Laci can't get enough of Chloe and loves to hold her a lot!

Madison holding Chloe. She likes to hold her too, but usually won't hold her for as long. This was similar to how it was when Olivia was this age. Laci loved to hold Olivia a lot and for quite awhile, but Madison didn't hold Olivia for as much or as long.

Uncle Terry even held Chloe at the hospital. Olivia held her too, but I don't have a picture of that and that is probably because I was busy making sure Olivia held Chloe and didn't drop her!

Now I for sure need to get Olivia's cross-stitch birth announcement done so that I can start one for Chloe. The girls got matching shirts at Target one day and they all wore them on the same day. Can you tell that Olivia is tall? We keep telling Laci to eat and grow so Olivia doesn't catch up, but I think Olivia will catch up anyway. Olivia is wearing a lot of 4T and 5T things and some items are things that Laci just wore last summer (she won't be 3 until September 27th). I also think there is only about 6-8 lbs difference between the two girls. Also, the shirts have a pug on them and Laci wants a baby pug. No more pets for us, but maybe for her someday. The shirts also say "What's not to love?" and I couldn't agree more.

This is a picture of Olivia on August 5th. Compare it with the first picture of this post and you will see Olivia lost a lot of hair at her recent haircut. She had enough that we will be sending hair to Locks of Love. Amazing since she isn't even 3 years old yet - she has a lot of hair! I don't remember the other two having that much hair at this age or it being so long.

Our empty lot for our house. Hopefully the end of this week it will have a big hole in it!!!

Final pictures - on Sunday, the girls got to go to Terry's uncle's house. Terry's uncle Alan has horses, so the girls got to ride a little bit. This is Laci riding with Alan. Alan made Suzy run a bit and Laci smiled so big. She loved it!

This is Olivia riding with Alan's daughter, Carly. Olivia wouldn't ride with Alan, but was willing to ride with Carly and they are riding Bandit.

Madison riding Bandit also while Carly walked Bandit. I didn't think that Madison could fit on the saddle with Carly. Carly was nice enough to walk Bandit, so Madison could ride too