Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Ready for Saturday

So this Saturday, Terry's niece gets married. Madison is the flower girl in the wedding and so I am taking her to the salon to get her hair done up. Since Laci isn't really involved in the wedding, I wanted to try to make her feel somewhat special that day also. I played around with her hair today and came up with this!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Name Game

So I have been thinking about names for this baby for quite awhile now. I am more concerned about the name than Terry seemed to be, so last week I made a list of boy names and girl names and we narrowed it down. He picked the boy name right away and I already knew the middle name will be "Patrick" after my dad. For the girl name, he narrowed it down to two names and then I told him to just pick one, so he did. I like it also, so that isn't a problem. Then I was concerned about the middle name to go with it and I picked one and Terry said that was fine whatever I decided. I have only told my sister, Cathy, what names we have picked at this point. I know she won't tell anyone and I don't want to tell anyone else yet! It will be a surprise!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

30 Week Appointment

I went to the doctor this morning for my 30-week appointment. I gained 1.2 pounds and the doctor asked me if I have been eating. Rest assured that I have been eating almost constantly lately. After my last appointment, I have low iron and also a slight urinary tract infection. So now I am on an antibiotic and also taking an iron supplement. Baby's heartbeat was great, so I will go again in 2 weeks! Only about 10 weeks to go!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What we've been up to...

So I haven't posted in awhile, so here are some of the things we have been up to lately:
  • Thursday, July 10 - Farmer's Days in Jesup started - we went to the kids' parade that evening and let the girls ride on rides.
  • Saturday, July 12 - We woke up and went to the Farmer's Day Parade in Jesup and then ate lunch down at the festivities. We went home for a little while and left the girls there with Nicole. Came back to Jesup in the evening for my 15-year class reunion and then went to see people at the beer tent.
  • Sunday, July 13-Thursday, July 17 - Every evening from 5:30-8:00 p.m., the girls had Vacation Bible School at church. I was there teaching the preschool class and they had lots of fun.
  • Friday, July 18 - Worked on two assignments for my on-line class. Jenny came up to have supper and hang out with us.
  • Saturday, July 19 - Went to a bridal shower in the morning for Audrey (Terry's niece). Came home and got Terry. Went to the hospital to see a gal I work with and her new baby girl, Mya. Went to Tom and Gloria's to watch the Gilbertville Days parade. (Laci got sick on the way to Gilbertville from the hospital - luckily we had a sack.) The fireworks got cancelled because of storms.
  • Sunday, July 20 - Woke up and went to get groceries (Laci got sick at the store). Went to Tom and Gloria's to eat homemade ice cream (Laci got sick there too). Came home and put Laci to bed. Read some for my on-line class - this is the last week (an assignment and one more exam to finish).
  • Monday, July 21 - Praying that Laci doesn't get sick today!!
I am ready to be done with my on-line class, so I can get things organized at school for the new year. I also just need a few days of being lazy. Oh, and recently I had a dream that we had a baby boy - hope it comes true!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She Finally Gets It!

Laci can finally pedal her bike!!!!!
Now if we could just convince her that she is big enough to be completely potty-trained, my life would be easy!

Anyway, over the last several weeks, Laci has really shown an interest in wanting to ride her bike. She would get so frustrated when she couldn't go that she would throw screaming fits out on the driveway for the whole neighborhood to hear. Nice! As she was throwing these fits of hers, she would slam her feet back and forth on the pedals causing the brakes to work - not the direction she really wanted to go. So as she would pedal, I would keep reminding her not to pedal backward. Today after lunch, the girls went out to ride their bikes and I think I really only had to give Laci one or two small pushes to get started going forward again.

On the potty-training front, Laci has been wearing real underwear lately. She keeps them dry all day, but when it comes time to poop, she just poops in her pants. I am so beyond being frustrated with her and this. She can tell me when she is done, plus she hides and gets real quiet when she has to go. She also can tell me where she is supposed to go, but she still poops in her pants. I have been trying to keep her close so I can catch her when she starts and then get her to the bathroom, but she almost always gets away and hides. I am hoping that by Labor Day that all is well and she only needs Pull-Ups at night, otherwise she may not be able to start preschool. She was 3 in March, so I was hoping that it would be easy now, but I guess with Laci nothing is ever easy!

Any suggestions out there????

Monday, July 7, 2008

I NEED a Sign!

I need a sign to answer everyone's questions. It would read:
"I am pregnant and due October 2, 2008. We are having a baby boy or girl."

Sometimes you just get really sick of repeating this information over and over. I also think everyone just assumes that all people find out what they are having anymore! We will find out once the baby gets here! Oh, well - only about 12 more weeks (or less) to answer all the questions.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing on the Playground

Thursday night we went out to eat with Ryan and Ashley Backes and their two boys, Noah and Ben. After we ate, we took the kids to a school in the Cedar Falls area so they could play. They had fun and even the big kids played too!
A New Age Teeter-Totter?
Ben had a lot of fun. I am glad that I wasn't the one having to chase him!
Madison liked these a lot. Ashley was following!
Static-hair Laci!
Madison laying down for a quick picture. She didn't stay still too long and her face was bright red to prove she had fun.
Terry waiting to be moved to the other side. This thing had a crank to move it back and forth and Madison and Noah (far left of picture) are cranking hard.
Laci ready to tackle the big slide.
Madison looking at me for a brief picture.
Laci and Noah sitting on the part that is moved by the crank for a relaxing ride.

Say Cheese

My niece Kendall really likes to smile when she sees the camera anymore. Here she is with Madison hamming it up for the camera. These two get along really well and Madi can always seem to make Kendall laugh and smile. I think Kendall looks a lot like Cathy did when she was little when she smiles like this (except for the brown eyes and really dark hair, of course).

Kendall has also learned to say "Auntie" which I love! I guess one night when they went camping, she was showing off and kept saying it over and over and over. Cathy was wishing she couldn't say it anymore, but I know Madison loved saying "Auntie" too.