Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time to Update

Okay, so once again, it has been FAR too long since I have updated. Needless to say, I am very busy with the three girls, the dog, the cat, and Christmas just around the corner. My pants are getting looser though, so I needed to put another hole in a belt to keep them up. At this rate, I will have to convince Terry that I need a new wardrobe!! A real cheeseball lately for the camera!! This is on Thanksgiving day on the way to Terry's parents. Love that smile, although the last few days she has been rather crabby. She has all four molars and one eyetooth is through. I think the other three eyeteeth are causing the crab to come out in her!
Lily traveled with us on Thanksgiving day also. She was in her kennel in the basement at Terry's parents and many of the family had to sneak a peak at her. At my sister's house, where we ended up later in the day, she got to be out most of the time and she liked my brother's lap!
My last post was of Olivia's shiner and now I have to include her last war battle scar! Shortly after the black eye was gone, she fell and hit the corner of a small shelf that is by the door for shoes. She bled a lot and I almost took her to the emergency room that night. In the morning after, this is what it looked like and since it was still open a little, I took her to Urgent Care. By the time we got there, it had scabbed over and the doctor said they might have glued it the night before when it happened, but she also said Olivia is so little it won't scar really. Mom was just worried!!
A preview of what some of the pictures may be like for this year's Christmas card from the Even family!
So last Tuesday night it started snowing. Not sure what the total amount of snow was in Denver, but 12-15 inches probably for sure!! Our trampoline is full and Terry and the two older girls used sand buckets to get some of it out. Not much accomplished, so I may have the girls try to get more out when it is a warmer day. Maybe I just worry too much or maybe we should have taken it down. Where to store it was the question though??
One attempt at an individual picture of Olivia to use with this year's Christmas card. She does not sit still or stay put for as long as my digital camera needs to take the picture. What a challenge. I did get one that I am using today, but in a different outfit. Oh, well. You take what you can get sometimes!!