Sunday, May 17, 2009

Always Hungry

So Madison seems to be a bottomless pit these days. She is constantly hungry and could eat a full meal most days when she gets home from school. One day this week on the way to daycare, she was eating chocolate chip mini muffins in the van for her breakfast. Laci wanted to try one, but Madi didn't really want to share. I told her if she shared one, I would let her have something else when we dropped her milk cup off at home if she was still hungry. So we get home to drop off cups and she says she is still hungry. I ask her if she wants a granola bar. She says no, so I tell her it has to be something fast since I will be taking her to school. She asks for two carrots. Silly, but I got her two carrots!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crawling Already

So Olivia decided that at just over 7 months that she would start crawling. I have been away in the evenings lately for lots of meetings. Monday night I had to work the track meet and Tuesday night I had negotiations. So last night, Madison tells me that Olivia can crawl. I told her she couldn't, so Madi put something on the floor just out of Olivia's reach and sure enough, she crawls to get it. I believe both Madison and Laci were over 9 months old before they started crawling, so I wasn't quite ready for this. It was interesting to see her get into everything last night. Here is one example:Olivia gets herself underneath the swing and then pushes the seat back and forth. She always manages to get underneath it unscathed, but I am sure that won't always be the case. She is really going after the things she shouldn't and not caring about her toys at all anymore, typical kid! I have a feeling at this rate, she will be walking before 1 year old. It is sure to be a busy summer!