Sunday, January 31, 2010

Once a Month

So I am lucky if I get a post to my blog once per month, but maybe that is my new goal. I wish it was more often, but I just can't seem to find the time. Plus, I like to spend time on Facebook when I am on the computer a lot of the time. Hopefully the summer will give me more time to take pictures and blog away. I have had a lot of pain with a tooth lately also, so many nights, I just want to be doing nothing because of the pain.

Okay, moving on, these are some pictures of Madison. She was recently involved with parks and rec basketball. 1st and 2nd graders had one night per week for the month of January and they learned some basketball skills. It was fun for her! Madison shooting a basket! She is pretty tall already which should hopefully help her well into high school if she decides to keep playing basketball.
They scrimmaged a little the last week of basketball. She had to wear green and it was quite a sight to watch their little game. Some didn't remember to dribble, they didn't pass unless it was to a friend, and on and on!! FUNNY!
This is also the last night. They got a little medal to wear and then we took a picture of the girls. Madison is in the bottom row, 4th from the left. Her face is always about as red as her shirt when she is done playing.
A final picture of me with my three girlies!! Terry took this picture of us on his cell phone. I didn't realize he had it until yesterday and seeing it made me decide that I am definitely going back to this hairstyle ASAP!!! I want it back NOW!!
A note about the other two girls - Laci is almost 5. She continues to go to preschool 3 mornings per week and loves it, but is still asking when she gets to go to kindergarten. She amazes me how funny she can be and silly all the time.
Olivia is saying a few more words all the time and sometimes you can really tell that she is trying to repeat a lot of what we say. She signs for "milk", "more", and "thank you". I taught her a few sign language things because then she doesn't have to get so frustrated. She can "sign" to me what she wants more easily now. I remember that the other two signed a little too, but not as much because they were talking more. My mom keeps telling me Olivia doesn't have to talk because Madi and Laci talk for her!! TRUE!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting off a New Year

Christmas and New Year's are done and I have yet to post for the new year. I am constantly busy it seems. Madison with Santa. She told Santa that she wanted an iPod Touch for Christmas. Santa didn't bring that, but she was happy with the game she got - Pop the Pig. It is quite fun. I told Madi that her mom doesn't even have an iPod. =0)
Laci with Santa. She talked to him, but didn't tell him what she wanted for Christmas. I told her to tell him in her head like she prays to Jesus. Santa could hear her. She got what she wanted, it is something from Conair that puts gems in her hair. It worked once to put one gem in her hair - Santa is sending a new one.
I don't have a picture of Olivia with Santa because she started crying when he got close. I thought she might like him because she isn't afraid to go to anyone, but she must not have liked his beard. She doesn't like it when Terry shaves and he has shaving cream all over his face. Madison wrote a list of things she wanted for Christmas at school and then was supposed to leave it by the tree for Santa. One of the items on the list was a poster of Michael Jackson. Grandma Cheryll got her a poster of Michael and now we have to get it hung up.
We spent Christmas morning at home, then went to Terry's grandparents' Christmas and to his parents' after that. The day after Christmas, we went to my mom's and celebrated with my family. This is Laci at my mom's opening presents. The final Christmas celebration was Saturday, January 2, with my mom's husband's family.
My new do! I keep going shorter - I like this one okay, but I might go back to the style I was wearing before - will see??
This is Olivia today. She put on Laci's sunglasses yesterday, so today I got the camera ready and took a picture of her. She loves being silly for the camera all the time now.
And I couldn't forget the dog - Lily. She is getting so big and is doing really well with the house training. She loves to try to get the cat though and the cat can sometimes tease the dog too. She starts a puppy training class tomorrow, so I hope they can help us a little with some of things that annoy me about a puppy. She is pretty good most of the time though. She is an alarm clock too, yesterday and today were our 3rd and 4th snow days, and she was awake at 7 a.m. to get up and eat.
Final note, I have been a constant visitor to the dentist lately. About 1 time per week lately. This past Wednesday I went again, and he figured out I had a tooth that was cracked. It must have cracked from the inside and the crack was working its way out. It was very painful to get fixed, probably the worst tooth repair I have ever had, but hopefully I don't have to be a weekly visitor anymore.