Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Want a Haircut, I Want a Haircut

So in the last couple weeks since Madison got her haircut, all I have been hearing from Laci is that she wants a haircut too. She keeps asking me or her daddy when it is her turn to get a haircut. Finally, last night, Terry called and set up an appointment for tonight. So last night and all of today, that is all anyone heard was that she was getting her hair cut. The results are very cute and she really wanted her "do" to look a lot like her big sister's.
Can you tell she is a little excited about the haircut?? She was smiling at herself in the mirror the entire time she was getting it cut. The lady who cut her hair also said she knows people like getting haircuts, but most aren't as happy and excited about it as Laci was.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom, How Big is Your Belly Going to Get?

This was the question that was posed to me on Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church by Madison. I had to laugh when she asked it. Although my belly is big, and will get bigger, the way she asked was too funny.

Today I went to the doctor for my 34-week appointment. I guess the reason people are noticing that my belly is getting so big is that I have gained 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Yikes!! Hopefully the trend will be slightly less than that the next 2 weeks. I have to go again to the doctor in two weeks and then I start going weekly. Oh, boy - that means the baby is almost here.

Sunday we also got out the baby clothes. Although most of the clothes are for girls, we do have some neutral stuff. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little someone!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The First Day of School

So today was the first day of school and Madison started Kindergarten. Hard for Mom to believe that my little girl is in school all day, every day now. You would be surprised, but I was so excited and happy for her today that there were no tears!! Back in May, Madison had a Kindergarten experience day for a few hours in the morning. She loved it. Then last night, they had the elementary open house and she got to go meet her teacher, see her classroom, and drop off all of her supplies. She was so excited that she barely said good-bye to Mom this morning. At least I can be glad she isn't the kid crying when Mom or Dad leaves.

Well, a yearly tradition when I was growing up was the picture of me and my brother and sister on the first day of school. So of course, I had started this tradition with Madison when she started preschool. This morning, we took the picture on the front steps.
Madison ready for her first day of school. She picked out her clothes the night before and her teacher sent her a name tag in the mail that she was to wear today also.
A picture with little sis, Laci. Laci was still in her pjs and going to Marlene's. She wasn't quite sure why she didn't get to bring her backpack today and start preschool. She will start on the Tuesday after Labor Day. (Oh, and on the potty training front, Laci has been clean and dry for almost 2 weeks now!!! YEAH!!!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Last Day

Well, today is officially my last day of summer vacation. And what a day it will be! I slept in until 8:30 a.m. when the girls woke up and were carrying almost everything from their beds out to the living room to watch tv. Then they ate breakfast and I started some laundry. I finally got my bath in and got dressed for the morning (hey, it was only 11 a.m. when I was fully dress and ready to face the day). I now need to make beds, go to the post office to mail Madison's hair to Locks of Love, and then come home to make lunch. At about 1 p.m., we are going to the park to meet up with Mary Ann and her granddaughters (I worked with Mary Ann at school, but she retired this past year). Then at 1:45 p.m., I am taking the girls to a family's house (they go to church with us) and the girls are going to play with their daughter. I have to go pick up another co-worker and we have a meeting at 3 p.m. in Oelwein. The meeting is at the Sportsman and we will eat supper with them. I am hoping that I will make it home from my meeting and supper in time to see the girls off to bed. Then it will be up early in the morning for my first day of staff development. Fun, fun! The summer was way too short!

Oh, and on the potty training front -- I think we may have it about mastered!!!! Not to say that Laci won't have anymore accidents, but since Thursday, she has been clean and dry!! She also is telling us almost everytime she has to go, so I don't constantly have to be checking on her. Yeah, a little reprieve before the baby gets here!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potty Training...The Saga Continues

So Monday night was the night that Laci said she had to get the poop-er out and she pooped on the potty. Then Tuesday night, she pooped in her pants at Terry's parents house. Wednesday night, she pooped on the potty again at home, but then had a small wetting accident in the basement. Tonight, she pooped in the potty at Terry's parents and was dry all day. After pooping tonight, she said how excited for school she is, so I hope that she keeps up having dry and clean days and fewer and fewer accidents. I will keep you posted.

A New Do

So now that Madison is done with being the flower girl in Audrey's wedding, she wanted to get her hair cut. She basically asked the day after the wedding when she was going to get it cut. Well, today was the day. I went shopping in Williamsburg at the outlet mall with my mom and sister today and when I got home, Terry said he wasn't working tomorrow. So I had Terry call the place where he and the girls get their hair cut because she was open late tonight and she had time to cut it. Madison got 10 inches, or a little more, cut off to send her hair into "Locks of Love". The result is so cute! Sure is different having a girl with short hair, but she seems to love it. It will be great for the start of a new school year.
I should have taken a picture right before she got it cut, but I forgot. I have plenty of other pictures with her long hair anyway, but a before and after shot would have been good. Oh, well!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

32 weeks - only 8 weeks (or less) to go

So today I had my 32 week appointment. I have gained 3 pounds since the last visit 2 weeks ago and my doctor said that was "cool". He also mentioned that I have gained 17 pounds total so far. I mentioned that that was fine since I still have a little bit to go and he commented that I am getting there. He asked if I am taking my vitamins and extra iron and of course I am. The baby's heart beat was great and my blood pressure was fine! I gave my urine sample and the doctor measured my belly - routine procedure - and both must have been fine as well. I continue going to see the doc every 2 weeks up until 36 weeks and then I will begin weekly appointments. Since I will be back in school for all of the rest of the appointments, I scheduled several today to make sure I could get the latest possible appointments. Crazy, but there will be another Even baby here so soon!

The Wedding

This past Saturday, Terry's niece, Audrey Kite got married to Steve Becker. Madison was the flower girl in the wedding. I started the morning at 7 a.m. by getting up and getting myself ready - shower, hair, make-up. Then Madison and I left around 8:30 a.m. to go get her hair done.
This is Madison in the middle of getting her hair done up for the wedding. A gal in Waterloo that my sister recommended did Madi's updo and she did a great job! I had her french braid from the bottom up on both sides (it was parted in the middle) and then she french braided from the front back on both sides also.
At home after getting her hair done before we had to leave to be at the church for pictures.
The back of Madison's hair - I also got spinners from Claire's to decorate her hair.
Madison and Laci hugging at home before leaving for pictures. When Madison and I got home from getting her hair done, I put Laci's hair up and curled it to make it look fancy too! Then I changed into the clothes I wore to the wedding and had a few minutes to relax before heading to Jesup.
When we got to St. A's in Jesup, I had Madison get changed into her dress for the wedding. Then I took a few pictures of her!
Another picture at the church - up close so you can see her hair!
Madison and Laci at the church waiting for pictures. Needless to say, the pictures didn't start on time and Madison was getting a little restless, but she did pretty well. She seemed to be in and out of the bathroom a lot during the day which was a pain for me since I had to help her hold her dress up.
During pictures, a picture of Madison with Audrey.
Another picture of Madison during pictures - she was sitting watching the other pictures and I took this picture while she wasn't looking.
Walking down the aisle and dropping the rose petals for the wedding. Audrey didn't know if she wanted Madison to drop the petals because they had to be picked up since the church had an evening service shortly after the wedding, but after the church cleared out, Laci, Madison, Grandma Cheryll, and I picked them up in no time.
After the ceremony, Madison and Casey (the ring bearer) walking out. Madison held onto his arm. At the reception in Independence at Heartland Acres.
Madison and Laci watching Steve and Audrey's first dance.
Once the dance started, both of them were on the dance floor until we left. Here they are dancing with Grandma Cheryll.
Madison and Audrey dancing. We left somewhere between 9-9:30 p.m. Madi and Laci were two tired little girls, but they managed to stay awake the whole way home from Independence to Denver. They watched a movie on the way home and Madison had french fries from Burger King. When we got home, we washed their dirty little feet and I took the spinners out of Madison's hair. She slept with it all done up still.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Novel Idea...

So tonight after supper, Laci and I were sitting at the table. I was reading from a textbook for a class I will soon be teaching. Laci was using pens to color on paper. She looked at me and said, "I need to get the poop-er out!" I helped her get down from her chair and told her to get into the bathroom and get on the potty. She got up there and said, "Here it comes!!" After she screamed and exclaimed to Daddy and Madison that she had pooped on the potty, she looks at me and says, "Now I can always poop on this potty!" Wouldn't that be great??? I also told her that this potty was just like all other potty so she could poop on any potty whenever she has to go instead of in her underwear. Sometimes things are just novel ideas to kids!

Oh, and I know some of you may be checking for pictures from Terry's niece's wedding and Madison being the flower girl. The wedding was this past Saturday and I have pictures to post, but it seems to be having errors uploading them. I will try again tomorrow!