Monday, November 8, 2010

Start of the School until NOW!

Okay, Okay!! I know that I am so behind in this blog that many of you maybe don't even check it anymore. Today is the birthday of my 1st born, 8 on the 8th!! I can't believe I know have an 8 year old. I told her this morning to stop growing up!!! Well, since school started, here are some pictures of what we have been up to. Madison on the first day of school. A 2nd grader!
Laci on the first day of school. A kindergartener!!
Can't believe that I have two of my three girls in school everyday all day now! I am excited and sad all at the same time.
So at the start of the school year, when it was warmer in the mornings, Olivia wore some interesting outfits to daycare a couple of different days. Here is one: diaper underneath it all, then a Dora swimsuit, and underwear over top.
This is another cute one. Diaper underneath a tutu (the diaper is a little bit noticeable), ballet slippers, and her Tinker Bell pajama top. I think I remember that she wore this at daycare all day. Then when Terry picked her up, she wouldn't put any pants on, so her diaper hung out for all to see when he picked up Madison and Laci from school. Oh OLIVIA!!
We have celebrated 3 birthdays also since school started. On September 15, Lily Marie turned 1. If you don't remember, she is our English Bulldog. Then on September 27, Olivia turned 2 years old. Here is a picture of her enjoying cake from her party. She is so big - currently almost potty trained. Neither of her older sisters were potty trained this soon. I am so glad to be having no diapers to change. She still wears pull-ups to bed and naps, but doing really well and even tells us most of the time when she has to go. She talks so well and I was so worried about her when she was one. She loves Dora and Olivia. She also loves books and can talk me into reading "one more time" before bed.
Her Dora cake for her birthday. Dora, Diego, and Boots are on it. She also got a lot of Dora items for her birthday.
We recently spent a Sunday afternoon at my mom's carving pumpkins. Madison and Laci carved the Iowa Hawkeye logo on theirs. Olivia's was Mickey Mouse's face. They didn't really last the week until Halloween because it was pretty warm, but the girls had fun carving with everyone at Grandma Cheryll's. Here is Lily outside near the pumpkins, she wouldn't leave them alone!!! Something new, I guess.
3 princesses - Madison was Tiana from "The Princess and The Frog", Olivia was Sleeping Beauty and Laci was Cinderella. Guess they all have the pose down.
Yesterday we celebrated Madison's birthday, with Terry's family and my family. Her birthday is today, Nov. 8. Terry was trying to take a picture of Madison before she opened presents, but guess who got in the way.
Madison got a Teacup Piggy from Uncle Mark and Aunt Cyndi. What a hit! THANKS!!
She got another one from Uncle Tracy and soon-to-be Aunt Kim. Another hit! THANKS!! Laci and Olivia want one now too. They are supposed to be the hot item for Christmas, so let's hope we can find some.
What birthday would be complete without an iCarly cake?? Madison and Laci love this show. Terry and I watch it with them too and it is pretty funny. One of the items Terry and I got for Madison was iCarly Season 2 on DVD. Now she has Season 1 and 2.
So grown up and ready for all of the family to sing "Happy Birthday" to me!