Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still Alive

So it has been quite some time since I have touched this blog. I need to get back into a routine. Maybe next week, when Terry goes back to work. He is still working 3rd shift, but the past two weeks, he has been on shutdown. This is nice because Madison and Laci have had swimming lessons the past two weeks, so he has been able to go along. It has been a busy summer already. Laci and Madison have been playing ball, taking swimming lessons, and going to the summer reading program at the library. I am certainly "Mom's Taxi Service" currently. Laci graduated from preschool the end of May. Hard to believe she will be starting kindergarten next year. Two kids in school full-time!! She is getting to be such a sweet little girl and much changed from all the naughty-ness we used to deal with. She still needs quiet time or a nap daily because if she doesn't get them, she has a "meltdown" at some point later in the day. I love my "Punky" to pieces though! She just loves to keep me on my toes.
The Children's Place store opened recently at the mall. The girls are sporting their matching outfits, in different colors, of course. Madison's favorite color is green and Laci's favorite color is pink, so theirs are perfect. I picked blue for Olivia because she has such blue eyes, but now thinking back on it, I should have gotten her purple because she is always saying "purple". Her hair is also now long enough for one ponytail, if she sits still long enough to let me put one in.
The three girls. Terry brought up a clothes basket from the basement for me the other day and he carried Olivia up in it. Then the girls had to take her picture and it turned out cute!
Father's Day was fun for the girls. They got Daddy a card and just let him do what he wanted for the day, which was really not much of anything, but spending time with us. Madison is so grown up at 7 1/2, she helps with so many things. Olivia is talking more and more all the time. We are heading to Adventureland and the zoo this coming Friday and Saturday. Will be interesting to see how it goes because we haven't taken the girls to Adventureland yet.
On the housing front, our house is still on the market. We hope to get it sold soon. We are also looking into building a new home, still in town here! Exciting, but stressful too!