Friday, June 26, 2009

8 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 23 was our 8th anniversary. It seems like so much has changed since then. Here are the beautiful roses that my husband brought home for me on Tuesday. A rare occurrence.
A picture of Olivia sleeping in her crib. She seems so long and she is almost 2/3 the length of her crib mattress. I guess we will see how long she is and how much she weighs on Monday at her 9 month check-up. I will also have to compare it to the other two girls' baby books, but so far I think she may be the one who will end up being the tallest of the girls.
Laci on her last day of swimming lessons. She said she wasn't going to go down the waterslide, but ended up going down 2 times. The second time she went down, the teacher wasn't quite ready for her. Luckily, she had a life jacket on.
Madi at the top of the waterslide on the last day. She was in level 2 this year and will have to take level 2 again next year. She is doing much better, but still really needs practice at face floating and back floating. Hopefully, one more year of level 2 and she will be ready to move on to level 3. I am not trying to rush it, but I do want them all to be confident swimmers some day.
Olivia Rae - in the basement today after her nap. She is into EVERYTHING! I don't get much down time with her unless she is napping. She is constantly in motion or wanting to EAT! I guess it keeps me from eating so that is the only benefit - Mommy's workout!
It sure will be interesting to see what the next 8 years bring to our family. Maybe one more child at some point, but not right now. It is also a decision we will have to make after Olivia turns 1 because I don't want to wait much longer if we do decide to have one more because I am not getting any younger and neither is Terry. I am also ready to decide if our family is complete and be done with the baby stage in the Even household. They are so fun, but a lot of work and it is hard to divide the time with the older ones. I know we make it work, but you always worry about being there for all of them! Plus with Olivia getting to be so big already, I miss the baby stage too! It is so hard to see them grow up so fast, but I am enjoying every minute I have with them now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Olivia Rae - almost 9 months

My Bubba-Do or as she has come to be known lately, Olivia Livia Loo! She is so happy, but Saturday through yesterday, she had been running a temperature and was a little droopy-eyed. Just not quite herself. She was much better today. Here are a few pictures from this evening. Laci had a blanket and pillows spread out on the living room floor, so Olivia got right down in the middle of it. She seemed to like laying there on the blanket with her head resting on a pillow.
Here is a picture of the usual scene between Laci and Olivia. Laci is constantly in Olivia's face. You would think after almost 9 months, the new-ness would have worn off, but I guess it hasn't. The only difference is that Olivia gets a little mad when Laci is in her face longer than she likes.
No, you aren't looking at an upside-down picture, it is an upside-down Livi! Terry picked her up and held her upside-down for a bit this evening also. Wouldn't be an evening complete without Daddy getting his girls all wild before bedtime!

Some Catching Up...

Well, I have been so behind in posting lately. I thought I would be better at it once summer vacation started, but so far that hasn't been the case. Here are quite a few pictures to show what we have been up to. Madison played soccer in April/May. She was on the red team and they ended up deciding that they were the "Red Dragons". She had the soccer cleats, shin guards, socks, and a ball to get her started. Ugh - it could get to be expensive to be an athlete!
Another picture of soccer. She was always really tired after the game - lots and lots of running for these little ones.
Laci with her preschool teachers at her preschool "graduation". She didn't really graduate since she will have preschool next year also, but she got a "star student" award. Her teachers keep telling me that she is a very good student and plays well with others. I always have to ask if they are talking about my child. I am just glad she saves her naughtiness for home, I guess!
We went to Omaha last week and Monday, June 8th, we spent the day at the Henry Doorly Zoo. It was a cool day, so we wore jackets/sweatshirts most of the time we were there, but we had an awesome time. The girls had to take a picture with this bronze-like giraffe. Giraffes are Madi's favorite.
When checking out the gorillas, this one was sitting by the glass looking out to people walking by. The girls and I sat down and Terry tried to snap a picture. Laci was a little loud and I always find that my digital camera doesn't take the picture any too fast, so it got up and we got the rear-end view instead. Oh, well - at least it is a good picture of me and the girls.
Another picture of the girls with a bronze-like statue, this time a gorilla.
We also went to the Children's Museum in Omaha on Tuesday, June 9th. Madison is shopping in the grocery store.
Laci also shopping in the grocery store. Someone had left this cart stranded, so Laci wanted to use it. As I was trying to put some of the items back, as you are supposed to do, Laci threw out the items she didn't want all over the floor of the store. I came back to tell her that wasn't what she was supposed to do and some lady was watching me like I needed to get a handle on my child. Good grief! Needless to say, we got the store floor cleaned up and we emptied the cart when we were done and put things back on the shelves where we found them.
At the Children's Museum, in a playhouse peeking out the window.
On the upper level of the Children's Museum, there was an exhibit set up by Sesame Street all about the human body. These are the front steps at Sesame Street that we have all seen on the show.
Two girls and a "Grouch". Got to love Oscar!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Even Girls - What We Have Been Up To

  • So the last day of school was Monday, June 1st. Madison found out who her teacher for 1st grade will be and she was excited to get who she wanted.
  • Tuesday Mom had to work and finish up grades, clean out my classroom for summer cleaning, etc.
  • Wednesday I got to spend the first day of my summer vacation with my girls. We walked to the public library and got some books. Olivia fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.
  • Thursday and Friday the girls went to daycare for a bit while Mom had appointments to go to.
  • Friday was an appointment to the dentist. I had a root canal about a year ago and it has still been bothering me - come to find out the nerve in one root of the tooth is causing a problem still and if one other dentist can fix it, I will have to have the tooth pulled! I am praying that it can be fixed - I don't want to lose any teeth!
  • Friday night we had an open house for Terry's niece's graduation to go to.
  • Saturday we got ready to go on vacation.
  • Sunday we left to go to Omaha. Olivia ended up staying with Marlene, our daycare provider. It made the trip much more enjoyable, although it was nice to get home to see our baby.
  • Sunday when we arrived in Omaha we went to a place called the "Amazing Pizza Machine" - kind of like Chuck E. Cheese's, but better food and fun games/rides for the kids. Spent rest of time at hotel, enjoying the pool and relaxing.
  • Monday went to the zoo - fabulous! The girls had fun! Also, went to a mall so the girls could get swimsuits for their monkeys from Build-A-Bear. Ate supper at Dave and Buster's and played more games.
  • Tuesday went to the Children's Museum and then headed home.
  • Will post pictures soon!
  • Olivia is standing up on things now - sure to be walking soon!

12 Years Ago Today...

was probably the saddest day of my entire life! My dad died at the age of 52. I've said it before, but it seems some days like it was just yesterday that I was spoiled by him - I was always a daddy's girl. It also seems like forever that he has been gone and I am missing so many things about him. I am deeply saddened that my girls won't get the chance to know their "Papa Pat", but I tell them many things. Madi can always tell you that his favorite color was yellow. He would have loved his granddaughters so much and I know he is watching over them everyday! I know he is watching over me too. Hugs and kisses to my dad - you are forever missed!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where did May go?

So the month of May flew by! I am not kidding when I say almost every day on the calendar for that month, I had something scheduled to do. Yesterday was our last day with students. It was a full day and so trying to keep high school students busy in your class for almost 50 minutes was exciting. My biology students did some last minute dissections and the chemistry class cleaned lockers, filled out sign-out sheets, and watched a video. Fun and it was a good last day. I hope all of my students have a great and safe summer. Today was another day of work for me. I had to get grades done and get my room ready for summer cleaning. It is all done. Now to just finish up negotiations so that I can sign a contract for next year! =0) Wish us luck, it hasn't been an easy year for negotiations.

Sunday we are heading to Omaha to see the zoo and go to the Children's Museum. It should be a fun, short, family vacation. We will head home Tuesday evening. The girls are excited. Should be interesting with Olivia. The following 2 weeks (weeks of June 15 and June 22), the girls have swimming lessons. So I am sure I will be asking where June went soon. July is pretty "eventless" at this point, but I am sure that will change also. Anyway, with being off for summer, I am really hoping to post more often and get some new pictures on here! Enjoy your summer!