Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Already!!

So it is February of 2011 already! Oh my goodness, how time flies. I feel so horrible that I am not blogging near as much as I used to. I love facebook and keep up with family and friends that way. Quick and easy! I am going to try to post some new pictures of the girls on here soon!

So what is new with us?? Not much! Olivia was sick over Thanksgiving so Terry took the two oldest girls and went to his parents for awhile and then later I went with the two oldest and went to my mom's. Christmas was fun and Olivia was really into opening presents. We spent time with family!!

In January, Madison and Laci started gymnastics and they LOVE it!! They are both in Girl Scouts as well, so January was very busy!!

We had two snow days this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was glad we were able to get to school Thursday, even though we had a 2 hour delay. The girls were fighting at home a lot!! Oh, and on the first snow day, Olivia managed to get up on the bathroom counter and paint her toenails. What a mess!! I should have taken a quick picture, but I wanted to hurry and clean up to avoid more mess. She is a stinker!

Terry and I are still debating putting the house back on the market in the spring or adding on??? It is all stressful to think about and so much money too!! Who knows what will happen??

Well, keep checking in from time to time. I will eventually get back into a routine with this blog!!