Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Olivia's 1st Tooth

So Olivia got her first tooth just yesterday - Monday, March 30! It is barely through and she won't really let you feel in her mouth too long yet. Just wait until she starts biting me though! That might explain some of her crabbiness lately, but overall, she has been the happiest baby! She smiles and laughs most of the time and only fusses occasionally. Yeah for that! I guess she was crabby yesterday at daycare, but we had a busy weekend with Laci's birthday party on Saturday and Kendall's birthday party on Sunday. Monday came way too fast!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

4 Years Old!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Laci Jo! We started the morning fairly early today with Olivia waking up around 7 a.m. Then shortly after that we had the other two girlies in our bed with us! Always fun, but so crowded.
Daddy and Olivia getting a little shut-eye before all the family arrived to help celebrate Laci's birthday.
Laci with Kendall Victoria. Kendall's birthday is today also, she is two! So of course we had to have a picture of the two birthday girls together. Kendall loves to sing "Happy Birthday" to just about anyone, so she sang to Laci a couple times. At the end, she adds, "And many more!", but she has this little head shake that is hilarious!
Laci chose to have Ariel from the Little Mermaid on her cake this year. She definitely acts like a princess sometimes. From wearing her fancy play shoes (high-heels of course), to jewelry, and make-up! She also loves to act like a princess by being somewhat dramatic at times! Her shirt also said "It's my day! I'm the princess!". Fitting!
Her cake!
Finishing up opening presents - Mom, Dad, and her sisters got her make-up, a bike helmet, a fishing pole, a BINGO game, a dress, and of course there had to be something with High School Musical - a shirt and it even lights up! She also got two other High School Musical shirts from others, so I think she probably has one for every day of the week by now! It was a great day and after all the family left, we got pizza for supper and watched "Bolt" which Laci also got as a gift. Fun movie and family night!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

Today would have been my father's 64th birthday. Patrick, I sure do miss you a lot. I was always a daddy's girl and I really wish he could be here to see his granddaughters. They love and know you even though you aren't here with us! This June, my dad will have been gone for 12 years, some days it seems like not that long ago he was with us still and other days it seems like he has been gone forever!

On a lighter note: Here are a few pictures of Olivia Rae --
She is loving rice cereal and oatmeal more. She has it once per day and we will be starting with veggies soon! What a big girl!
Olivia also loves sitting in her exer-saucer - lots of toys and she can make it bounce too.
Finally, snug as a bug in a rug! Laci was so snug last night when I checked on her before I went to bed. I took this picture in the dark, but it turned out well. She was resting so peacefully, just wish she would sleep this way all the time. Seems lately that she cries in her sleep a lot - sometimes, I can wake her and she stops, other times, she just keeps crying! No idea what to do with her and her restless nights, but hope she grows out of it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So I am on Spring Break with my girls this week. Terry actually has Thursday and Friday off also, but since I have a free moment, I thought I would post to catch up a little. Last week, Tuesday evening Laci was running a temperature, so I went back over to school and got things ready for a sub. I stayed home Wednesday with her and then Olivia got a fever Wednesday when she woke from her morning nap. Terry stayed home then on Thursday and he got sick too, so he stayed home with both girls Friday also. Laci wasn't able to go to preschool on Friday. She coughs so much too. So she had her fever off and on through Sunday evening. Olivia had a fever again Sunday also, but I think her fever might have to do with teeth. She has a runny nose and gets fussy, but the minute you give her some Baby Orajel on her bottom gum, she stops being fussy! Hard to tell. Madison and I have stayed fever free and healthy so far. I figured maybe I would get sick now since I am on Spring Break, but so far so good! Madison lost her second tooth also on Sunday, March 8th. It was a little more traumatic then the first one. The first one fell out during the night and this second one fell out while she was eating breakfast. Since they tend to bleed a little, I think that scared her since she didn't notice it on the first one while she was sleeping. She also has one of her 6 year molars poking through in the way back of her mouth - I think sadly how big she is getting and how grown up she is! Madison and Laci sitting on the couch this morning watching tv. Laci has a green shirt on for St. Patrick's Day, but Madison just wanted green ponytail holders. They have enjoyed the nice weather lately too and getting to be outside.
Olivia sleeping in the swing. This swing was actually the one my sister had for her little girl, Kendall. She let me borrow it because it plugs in and you don't have to use so many batteries. Olivia really likes it and falls asleep in it sometimes.
Not sure if I have ever posted about our cat. Chester is a Himalayan and has very long hair. So about 2 times per year he gets taken to the vet and they sedate him and shave him down. He has a "lion cut", little ball of hair on his tail and a somewhat fluffy face. He went yesterday after having several hairball incidents at home lately. He tends to be very snuggly when he first gets shaved because I suppose he is colder than usual. Have noticed him sunbathing in the sunlight coming in our patio door and windows also.
Finally, our high school girls' basketball team made it to the state tournament recently. The kindergartners made this sign to wish them "Good Luck at State!" and I took a picture because Madison's name is on it. She always has to sign Madison E. on everything because there is another Madison in her class. I remember having to sign Carrie H. on my papers in 3rd grade because there was a Carrie Z. in my class. Hated that! Guess I should have tried to come up with a more original name - oh, well! I am sure at some point she will hate her name anyway, didn't we all? She has started writing "Madi" on papers also and the other Madison uses "Maddy" or some other spelling, so that is helpful too!
Our girls' basketball team lost at the first game in the state tournament, but it was still an honor to make it there. The coach for the team agreed to shave his mustache off and I guess even his wife has never seen him without it. He looks nice without it and has left it off for the past week so far!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The First of March

So it is the beginning of March already?? Where does the time go? Olivia Rae was 5 months old on Friday - growing so fast! Here she is on Saturday while Daddy is trying to get her to eat rice cereal. We have tried several times now to see if she will eat it. She really isn't too interested in it. I am sure it has something to do with rice cereal being pretty blah! She also seems content with the amount of milk/formula she gets through the day, so we will just keep trying the cereal once in awhile until she really seems to want it.
Olivia hanging out on the floor this afternoon. We went to church and spent the rest of the day at home. This outfit was a gift from a co-worker of Mommy's and today was the first time she wore it! Very cute!
Here's Daddy holding little Bubba-do so that you can see the full outfit! Thanks Jan and family!
Laci Jo was excited today when I said it was March. Her comment was "my birthday is this month". True to that - March 28th she will be 4 years old! Makes Mommy sad to think how fast they are growing up. Not little anymore! Laci and Mommy snuggled in the recliner this afternoon and took a nap together. I will miss those lazy afternoons when she doesn't want to nap anymore!
And don't forget Madison Leigh - she doesn't nap anymore because "she is 6". She spent the afternoon in the basement coloring with markers and making a "book". At least she is considerate of others who do want to nap. She is working on her second loose tooth. The other bottom middle one is loose and should be coming out any day now! She is starting to read really well now too, so we spend lots of time trying to read books that she can handle. Pretty soon she will be reading on her own and won't want to read with Mom anymore either. I am enjoying it now while I can!
Well, Mom is tired and just got done working out after putting the kiddos to bed. Off to shower and relax a bit before going to bed myself!