Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Laci Jo!

Laci Jo turned 6 on Monday, March 28th! She is wearing her new "pink cowgirl boots" that we had to get her (this picture was taken at school in her classroom)! Her birthday list was very specific for Mom and Dad this year: cowgirl boots, a cowgirl hat, a four-legged horse, a lasso, and open-toe high-heel shoes. She got the boots and hat. I have yet to get a picture of the hat on her!! She is loving being "6" for all of two days and this morning she said her teeth aren't very loose. The dentist told her last week at our 6-month check-up that at around 6 years of age people begin to lose their teeth. I am sure she will be a little behind in that because she didn't get her first tooth until she was almost 10 months old. Laci is becoming a sweet little girl who is much easier to deal with. We no longer have meltdowns about what to wear each day! She is loving that she is able to read on her own more and more. Oh what the next 6 years will bring - I am sure Laci will be 12 before I know it- seems like the blink of an eye sometimes!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Lovin' for Locks of Love

So Madison and Laci went to get their haircut tonight!! Madison got about 12 inches cut off and Laci had 10 inches to cut off!!
Here are the before and after pictures!! Madison before the haircut with LONG and THICK hair!! This is her 2nd donation to Locks of Love!
After picture - it looks a little better now when we got home because I wet it down. In this picture, it is still a bit wavy from having braids in.
Laci before the haircut with her braids in. Her hair is much thinner than her sisters.
The after picture! After I took this picture, Laci couldn't stop jumping around the place and saying how much she loved her haircut! (Thank goodness since we couldn't change it if she didn't like it!)
Oh, and we can't forget Olivia! She got a cut too! She hair is long, but I just had it trimmed to clean up the ends. Her hair is more in-between the two other girls, a little thinner than Madison's, but not as thin as Laci's. It was another crazy night getting them all around and home to bed, but I guess that is what makes life interesting and another reason why I don't get any blogging done anymore! =0)