Friday, October 5, 2012


So I know that I don't blog near enough anymore.  I have a son and 3 daughters who demand a lot of attention.  I have been back to work for 2 full weeks now and all is going well.  Not getting enough sleep yet, but that will come!  Here are some pictures of Nolan over the past several weeks.  He is 2 months old already and getting so big, so fast!

Nolan - A future UNI Football Player?  If he plays basketball like his daddy, maybe a future UNI Basketball Player!

My little monkey boy!  I love him so much.

This is the little suit/tux that he wore for his baptism.

Of course, all of my children have to have clothing that says something about their aunt Cathy.  This one says, "My Aunt Rocks".

Grandpa's Little Buckaroo!

Little Handy Man

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