Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A 40th Birthday!!!

Not much has changed for this beautiful 40 year old!! A few pictures to reminisce!! Cathy with Kendall when she was still a little one!!

Also with Madison. Madison looks so little here and she truly loves her godmother and "Auntie".

At the hospital when Olivia was born. From L-R: Amanda (Cathy's stepdaughter), Madison, Cathy with Kendall on her lap, Laci, and me holding Olivia. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!!!

Auntie holding Olivia. Cathy got to be in the delivery room with me for Laci and Olivia's births. She was also the first to notice shortly after Olivia was born that she had dimples.

Holding Olivia again!

Saturday was Cathy's birthday and we surprised her with dinner at The Brown Bottle. She got a funny gift from our cousin Michele. Cathy likes to wash Ziploc bags to save and reuse them. Michele wrote in the card about "I think 40 is going to be stressful enough for you, so here are some Ziplocs you can just throw away." We all had a good chuckle. Cathy hasn't been looking forward to 40, but she did enjoy her birthday and I think was glad everyone came to help her celebrate!

I can truly say that I am so blessed to have such a wonderful big sister! At times when we were younger, we didn't always get along, but I can't imagine life without her. I also realize that having a sister is such a wonderful gift and am thankful that my girls have sisters that will be their forever friends also! Love you Cath!!!

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