Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looking More Like a House!

Framing began in the last week or two. The crew was off for two days last week because they donated their time to the Extreme Makeover house that was being built in Iowa. Framing of the main floor.

This is a view of the west end of the house. The doorway that is near the middle of the picture is the doorway to our master bedroom. The doorway that is on the left of the picture will be the laundry room/mudroom.

This is the kitchen area. In the left side of the picture is the framing of the walk-in pantry.

Living room area with a bedroom in the background.

Today the roof started to take shape also. Moving right along!!!

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bugs mama said...

You remind me of a book i am reading right now. she posts pictures on her blog about a house she found that was a total wreck and fixing it up real nice.

your house looks very nice.
just stopping by to say hi! :)