Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Fun Weekend!

This weekend was really busy but fun! Friday night we had rehearsal and dinner for Terry's twin brother's wedding. Saturday morning we were up early and got ready for the wedding. Terry was a groomsman and Madison was the flowergirl. Here are a few snapshots from the wedding - I didn't do very good at taking pictures. This is the mother-son dance. Gloria and Tracy are dancing on the right of the picture and during the dance, Kim danced with Terry and Tracy's dad, Tom.

Also, during the mother-son dance, Terry and Todd joined Gloria and Tracy. Troy was no where around, so he missed out!
Here is a picture of Madison and Olivia by the dance floor. They danced quite a bit, but we left somewhat early. Laci wasn't feeling well.

Sunday we went to Tracy's to watch them open presents and then after we did a bit of shopping. The girls all got new pajamas! Madison's have peace signs all over them.

Laci's have "BFF" on them and a couple of monkeys.

Olivia's have a moo cow on them. They say "I get my cool mooves from mom". Olivia has a stuffed cow that she can't live without, so we just loved these pajamas and had to get them for her.

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